Stella Mc Stars day in a life of an Electrician

Hi, my name is Stella Mc Star and I am an Electrician. What I do is install, connect and maintain electrical systems. What I love to do though is help out with the blueprints that show the locations of circuits, outlets, lighting and distribution. This is my day in a life so please enjoy!

Education/Experience/Training: I completed high school. I decided to enter an approved electrician apprenticeship program ( I have always wanted to do this program). I took three ten-week sessions of trade school. Then I did approximately 8,000 hours of on the job training where i practised installation techniques, installing conduits and equipment,  and testing wiring. After five years I passed the provincial exam and became a certified electrician.

My Occupation: I am an electrician. Most of my work is industrial but I also do some residential. I install, connect, and maintain electrical systems for big buildings. A big part of my job is working with blueprints that show where circuits, outlets, and lighting will be in the building. I test equipment for proper connections and safety. I choose to be an electrician because one of the big thing is that we mostly work independently and there is always a lot of work.

Salary and Transferable skills: I am good with my hands which is really good for my job and I have good colour vision. For an electrician you need to be really handy and independent. I make $6,000.00 per month. After deductions of $2,061.84, I get a net pay of $3,938.16

Leisure Time: I have 24hrs of leisure time per week. After a long day of work I enjoy getting outside and exercising. If its a beautiful day I go for a run. I have recently discovered cooking, I love to make delicious and nutritious food and invite my friends over for dinner ( when I was younger my mom taught me some great healthy recipes). I love living close to the beautiful local mountains. Every weekend I drive to the mountains it takes me approximately 45min and spend my weekend up in the outdoors and ski or if its gorgeous day and the grouse grind is open I will do that. After the weekend with tons of fun and laughs I usually will have some relaxing time.

Budget: Taking care of your budget causes a lot of work. Like I said I make 6,000.00 so I kinda have to be careful about my budget. I spend most of my money with skiing so I have to make sure I don’t spend a lot of money on other things like shopping, food, and not spending to much money when I go out with some friends. I have to be really careful about buying things.

Where I live/work: Where I live: Vancouver BC (1678 west 7th), Where I work: I don’t really work any where because I work in all different construction sites in Vancouver but my main office is at my house.

Time: I spend pretty long hours working, 37.5 per week. So most of my time is work. Although sleeping is almost the same as my work, Getting ready in the mornings take me 1.5 hours, also another thing that takes up most of my time is meals because like I said I love to cook so I usually make the meals. All the other things that I spend my time on is cleaning, shopping but the good thing is that me and my room mate Taylor Cea take turns shopping and cleaning to make it fair.

Thumbs up and Thumbs down Aspects: Some thumbs up about being an electrician is working independently and also there is a lot of work to do so you will never be unemployed. The negative part of being an electrician it can be dangerous working with the tools and testing out the circuits.

Challenges: Balancing a budget is definitely a challenge in m life, making sure I can manage my money properly is something I am trying to be more successful at. We live in a very expensive city, rents are high so is food and I want to make I have enough money for entertainment. I am going away soon to Jamaica so I have to be careful with saving some of my money.

My future goals: I have my future goals just like everyone. One of my big goals is to retire early but to do that you have to work extremely hard and be good at saving your money to do that you have to start early and put money in retirement saving plans. Another big goal is to travel lots and see different places. One place that I really want to combine my traveling with charity work. It has always been a dream of mine to change peoples lives in poor countries.

Food for thought: When I was a kid growing up I always wanted a dog but my parents never let me, now that I am independent I have been thinking of rescuing a French bull dog from the SPCA. Why rescue a dog? Because there are many dogs waiting for homes and I think my house would be a perfect place for a dog.


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