A Day In The Life Of A Television News Anchor

Don’t you wish you could be on TV and know that their are thousands of people watching? Hello my name is Fantasia Bogyman and I am a television news anchor!

Job description: A typical day for me is I getting up at 8 a.m. and have breakfast and get ready for work. This usually takes me about 45 minutes then I hop on my bike and off I go to work. I arrive at work at 9 a.m. even though I don’t go on the air until dinner time. The first thing I do is I pick up wire service page that tells me what happened to the professional sports games yesterday like how the Canucks won 6-0 against Phoenix last night which is totally awesome. I notice the winning streaks, injuries of players, trades, upsets of games and I also scan the high lights and goals of games. After that I have lunch with my colleagues and then meeting with the producers. After the lunch meeting the producers assigns the news anchors to a certain story. I’m usually assigned a professional atlete to interview during the evening show so I along with some crew members go to the players house and interview the them, I ask the athlete key questions like”how do you think the team is going to win more games this? or ” what teams will you be rivaling this year? After my interview, I write down the things the player said and drop them off to the newsroom sports writer. The sports writers name is Phil and he knows the style and format of my speech. While I was at the athletes house I taped 15 minutes of talking with him so it will interest the audience but the editors are going to edit it to be about 3 minutes. Usually I have quick shower and go to the makeup department and then I listen to last minute instructions from the producer on my ear piece before the show.

Challenges: I started out as a proffessional  hockey player until I got injured in a car accident andI was unable to play hockey after that I was very depressed for a while but one day my friend suggested that I should take up as a  sports news anchor on TV. I thought at first that it was not really a good choice for me but after several days of persuaion I finally agreed that I would go to a interview at CBC. At the interview I told them about myself and they said they would give me an intern ship.

Education : My education consists of a high school diploma and a Bachelors degree in journalism. When at high school I played on several of the school teams, but while at school I really didn’t know what career I would pursue. While I was in grade 12 my hockey coach said that I had been called up to play in the NHL and I played for the Calgary Flames until I was injured in a car accident which wrecked my career as a hockey player. I got an intern ship at CBC and then went back to SFU  for 4 years and as of a result I obtained a bachelors degree in journalism.  I have been working as a sports news anchor for 3 years which has been an learning experience all the way.

Salary/Monthly Budget: My gross monthly income is $3,400,.000 but with deductions, it comes to $2,505.o8. I spend $875 on housing plus housing cost of $262.50, which comes to $1137.50. This is how much I pay, but luckily, I have a room mate so I only have to pay half. To get to work I ride a bike which cost me $131.25 plus a little up keep each month, I also pay $340 for insurances like medical….etc. For my leisure expenses I bought ski’s so that I can go skiing on the local mountains and to get up the mountain or have dinner out I put away $50 each week for leisure activities. For clothing I put $50 away each month so I don’t wear rags. For food, I spend $250 a month on groceries. This might not seem like a lot but it is only for one person. For miscellaneous things like toiletries….etc I pay $150. All of these expenses come to grand total of $228o which leaves with $276.33 to save.

Leisure Time/Where does the time go/Where I work and Live: In my leisure time I enjoy going skiing and riding my bike and doing charity work. I also doing activities with friends. I have 4.21 hours of leisure time a day which is a healthy amount for me but in total I have 29.5  hours of leisure time a month. I do 53 hours work a week. Travelling I do about 3 hours per week, preparation is 6 hours per week, 56 hour of sleeping, 2 hours of laundry, 14 hours for meals, 1 hour for shopping, 2 hours for chores and 1 hour and a half for bills. I live in Kitsilano in spacious 2 bedroom condo on 2403 Vine and 2nd avenue with a room mate. This is a great location because it’s only 15 minutes away from my work which is on 700 Hamilton Street. This is a perfect location for me because I live right by the beach which I love and it pretty close to the sea wall that I like to bike on. I would have to say this is really a terrific place to live its really in the heart of Vancouver.

Transferable skills/Training/Experiences:While I was an intern at CBC I was showed a lot about the trade. An news anchor at CBC took me under his wing and gave me tons of advise, like always look at the camera and don’t read too fast. Also speak in a loud tone of voice and not in monotone. This kind of advice from a person that worked in the trade really helped in my training to become a news anchor. I hope one day I can mentor somebody in their training. I was very lucky because I was able to learn lots of different transferable skills like being a good researcher and having great communication skills. I also work well under pressure and complete assignments accurately and timely. I also know a lot about all the popular sports.

Future goals/Two thumbs up, Two thumbs down: My future goal is to become a very well known news anchor like Tony Parsons. Another goal is to longboard down a 50 mile hill in Hawaii which would be totally awesome. Two thumbs up about my job are that I get to interview different people every day and learn about them. I also get a lot of time off to go on vacation which is pretty good. Two thumbs down about my job are that I work long hours and I don’t really get paid a lot so I have to be on a conservative budget.

Food for thought:If you are good at speaking and like to be in front of an audience, have good eye contact and you are not always looking down at your page you may want to consider a career as as a reporter or a news person.
Thank-you for reading my report on a Day In A Life Of A Television News Anchor.I hope you enjoyed it. Thank-you for reading my report on a Day In A Life Of A Television News Anchor.I hope you enjoyed it.


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