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fair pay and play

  1. Why is it important for women and men to have equal opportunity to work at all jobs?i think it is important that we get equal jobs because we are all humans and  one gender can do just as good a the other gender at anything.
  2. Why is it important for men and women to be paid equally for equal work?i feel it is important for both genders to be paid equaly because they do just as good as the other gender at anyjob.
  3. What non-traditional work roles are represented in the class?a non-traditional work role in class is that we don’t get marked by gender but by how good our assignment was completed.
  4. Which guiding principles of the work world are apparent when people choose non-traditional work roles?i think that a upside to having non-traditional rules is that the workers have been paid equaly and nobody feel offended.

Bob Sweat day in the life

Hello, my name is Bob Sweat and I am here to tell you about what it is like to be a Petroleum Engineer. Have you ever wondered what it would be like a Petroleum Engineer for a day? You might wonder what a Petroleum Engineer even is. Let me walk you through a day in the life.

Job Description: I work full time at an oil company with international holdings. I search for oil and gas supplies on land and offshore. Once I have found the resources, I work with geologists to understand the geologic formations of the reservoir. I determine the drilling methods to be used, monitor drilling, and design equipment to achieve the most efficient recovery of oil or gas.

Education/Training: I have completed high school, then attended a university for four years and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. I also studied project management , geoscience, and computer technology. Related school subjects: physics, geology, biology, math, language arts and foreign language.

Transferable Skills: I have excellent math, science, and problem- solving skills. My abstract thinking abilities, curiosity, love of challenges, and ability to accept responsibility are also important to my job. In addition , I have strong computer skills,  and I am able to communicate well with others, understand logistics, scheduling, and contracting.

Leisure Time: In my leisure time my friends and I go skiing for 10 hours a week and it costs me $250 a year. My friends and I like to watch so movies from time to time and that costs me $10 a week. I go to the gym once in a while that costs me $100 a month. I am a part time ski instructor and that helps me to earn some extra money.  I make $250 per weekend.

Budget: Every month I start out with $8,600.  All my deductions cost me $3,349,59. I put $525 in the bank into my savings. After all my expenses I have roughly $2000 for extra spending or saving.

Live/Work: I live in Down town Vancouver in a house. I travel all over the world for an international oil company. It gets a bit stressful and tiring going on a plane almost every week. :( I live with Leroy Johnston who is a nature scientist. We chose to live downtown because I can walk to work and I like the view of the ocean. On weekends I can shop and ride my bike to Pacific Centre.

My Time: I work 40 hrs a week, And I also get 4 weeks for my annual vacation. You might have heard in my other post that I had an awesome vacation in Costa Rica with Leroy Johnston and Kyle Schmidt. I work Monday-Friday 6am-2pm, and sometimes I work late if I am on the road travelling. If I am at home I go to the gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. On occasion I like to go road riding. I like to take long holidays with my buddies. My next holiday will be to the Carribean. I am saving up and hope to go there soon.

Thumbs up Thumbs down Aspects: Being a Petroleum Engineer is an good job for a high paying salary. Some things I like about my job are that I get to travel the world and help other countries get their oil and gas. I enjoy my work because it is challenging and I like to think outside the box. I like working  with geologists because rocks and minerals are interesting to me. Some things that I hate about my work are going on the plane and getting sick. And once I got so sick that I actually barfed on the plane! Another thing is that I can’t have a dog. If I had a dog he would be very lonely and sad if I wasn’t there all the time. It is hard to have a girlfriend who understands why I am away so much.

Challenges: One of the challenges that I faced happened when I had just arrived home from China. The next day my boss wanted me to go to England because he felt I was the smartest and best guy for the job. I was the one who had the best knowledge on the subject. I was so tired but I had to go there to help my business workers and my boss. I don’t like being away from my girlfriend for long and I get lonely. Being away from home a lot makes me appreciate home cooking.

Future Goals: My future goals are to go on a vacation every 5 months and to have a dog. I also want my boss to raise my pay so I can save more money for my leisure                                                   time. I also want a summer home in Hawaii on the beach and go surfing every day.

Food for thought: Some things that you might know about me is that I am a ice cream lover. Whenever Leroy buys some ice cream I stay up watch a movie and eat the ice cream. My favorite type of ice cream is Hagendaus vanilla or coffee. Another thing you might know about me is that I love French bull dogs! I also like burgers, after a long day at work I love a juicy double patty from my favorite restaurant Splitz Burgers.

A day in the life of a Petroleum Engineer can be hectic and stressful. It is a challenging job that demands a lot of hours and travel. I went to school for a long time to get the right education.

If you are considering a good job with good pay , you should look into becoming a Petroleum Engineer. You need to be smart and be able to solve problems and adapt to different situations. This is a day in a life as a Petroleum Engineer!




Crunchy Watermelon’s Fair PLay and Pay

Why is it important for men and women to have equal opportunity to work at all jobs?



Marios Fair Play Fair Pay

1.  I think it is important because we are the same in all ways we are both human why should one gender get more money than the other. I think it is unfair and injustice that the  men and women are getting less job opportunities and both genders saying it’s all fair. Another reason i think it is unfair is because i wouldn’t want anybody telling me you can’t be a cook that’s a women’s job and i don’t think women want to be told you cant be a construction worker that’s a mans job. So in total I think men should just stop saying no and give equal jobs among the genders.

2.  i think it is unfair that the women get paid less in a lot of jobs like you have to get paid less if your a plumber as a women or as a businesswomen. Another reason I think both genders should get paid the same because 1 say a women dosen’t marry and they are a plumber and they get paid  less and say there is a male plumber that gets paid more doesn’t that mean the male will do better and be able to buy more and live better? So those are the reasons I think  that both genders should be paid the same.

3. Some of the jobs in our class that go against guidelines are Tori Taylor who is a power line technician, Kelly Lancaster who is a video game designer,party rocker who is a correctional service officer,and Jenna Johns who is a wood finisher. all these jobs i have recognized are jobs that are usually reserved for men but I think if you are d to get a job then you should go for4 it no matter what anyone says.determined

4. some guidelines are how messy a job is because some women don’t like the sewers or sawdust in a lumberjacks job or sewers worker. Another guideline is how much it pays because men want jobs with a lot of money and honor. Another guideline is the tradition behind some jobs like a truck driver which is usually a mans job because women have been told you cant by their families and friends


Holly Holiday’s Monthly Budget

My gross Monthly earning is $2,900. But after $ 691.87  deductions, my net pay is $2208.13. I’m really lucky that after all my deductions I still have enough money for leisure activities.










Holly Holiday’s Fair Play and Pay !

1.   Q:  Why is it important for women and men to have equal opportunity to work at all jobs?

A:  Because men and women are equal and deserve an equal opportunity to do the things they love and desire. Both men and women can do anything they wish and both can do the same job.


2.   Q:  Why is it important for men and women to be paid equally for equal work?

A:   Just because your a certain gender doesn’t mean your better at something. Yes some people are stronger/ better at certain things but it doesn’t mean they have to be paid more than someone who has the same job.


3.   Q:  What non-traditional work roles are represented in the class?

A:  Work roles like video game designer , party planner, ect, are not usually considered a traditional work role. More traditional work roles would be a doctor or teacher.


4.   Q:   Which guiding principles of the work world are apparent when people choose non-traditional work roles?

A:  When people chose a non-traditional work role , it could because they like to do things that not just everyone does that maybe because of that persons job they could change peoples lives, yes maybe doctors can do that too but you can change peoples lives in millions of way not just health wise.




My holiday in LA by: Holly Holiday :D

Hi today I am going to talk to you about my amazing vacation in LA. I went to LA with my good friends , Bailey ( Jamie) , Party Rocker ( Aava) , and Ezeckele ( Riley) for one week and three days. We chose to go to LA in July because it’s at it’s most beautiful during the Summer. I wasn’t my first  time in LA , I have been there many times before so i knew my way around, luckily my family owns an apartment in LA so we were able to stay there instead of having to stay in a hotel.  Ezeckele owned a car so we were able to just drive there. The cost for food was about $200 , so I had enough money left for Shopping ! But I can’t spend all my money so my budget was $200. Since it’s Bailey’s first time going to LA, we thought it would be fun to go on a tour, the reason why we chose this tour is because the bus driver can drop us off where ever we like and comes and picks us up at the same spot later in the day, that way we wouldn’t have to bother Ezeckele all the time. I had a great time in LA and I can’t wait to go back again !!!



Stella Mc Star Monthly Expenses

Balancing your budget may be hard if you only work a single job. I spend a lot of my money on leisure activities, but if you stay focussed  or get a part time job and balance your time between work and play. Thats what you can do and it will help you pay all of your bills.

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Stella Mc Star’s Fair Play and Pay

1. q: Why is it important for Women and Men to have equal opportunity to work at all jobs?

A: I think it’s important for women and men to have equal opportunity to work at all jobs because neither gender is better then the other. Also all jobs should be available for both men and women.

2. Q: Why is it important for men and women to be paid equally for equal work?

A: It’s important for men and women to be paid equally because women are doing the same job as men and are trained the same also have the same qualifications the should be paid the same!

Q: What non-traditional work roles are represented in the class? 

A: Some of the non traditional  work rules represented in the class is an electrician ( I am a female) Power line technician ( Tori Taylor) Saw Mill maintenance Technician ( Naomi Hills)

4. Q: Which guiding principles of the work world are apparent when people choose non-traditional work roles?

A: I think people choose non traditional jobs because maybe some people would like something different that not many people have, Also they might enjoy that job since its different. A lot of women are nurses and they might not like that job and rather be an electrician!

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